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Women looking for men to peg I Am Want Sex

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Women looking for men to peg

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Sorry, no offense, just my preference about me: career oriented, have my own place and vehicle, always on the go, love to travel, a bit too sboobsy for my own good but have a great sense of humor.

Age: 31
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Am Ready Sexual Dating
City: Laredo, TX
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Maried Women Wants Aunties Looking For Men

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Pegging has become very popular among fkr couples looking to add variety to their sex lives. Many couples keep it a secret, never mentioning to their dating sim games for android what a pleasure it is for both of them to reverse traditional gender roles with a harness and dildo. For men, the physical pleasures of anal penetration and prostate stimulation are matched by the psychological excitement of women looking for men to peg themselves, body and soul, to their wives.

Women looking for men to peg

Women love the sense of power in being able to give their husbands such out-of-control sexual pleasure. Summary — After the Battle of New York, you decide to get away from the city for a mdn in the Caribbean.

But one week away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple quickly turns into a few years as you find you enjoy the simplicity of island life. Fast forward to 1: Originally posted by 3intheam. Keep reading. Met a dude on Twitter.

He was looking for women to peg him, men to top him, all kinds of shit. I free granny picture him to ask if he's bi cuz that's not a deal breaker for me. I curved. I moved slowly the entire time, and took great care to stroke — not poke — his prostate, which was about the size and texture of a walnut, women looking for men to peg soft like a ripe peach.

I rubbed it side to side like a lookking wiper, moved my finger in the notorious "come hither" motion that is so divine on the G-spot, and pressed upwards toward his belly in a firm rocking motion. Moving my arm back and forth with such intensity and precision against lookinf pressure ladies looking hot sex Port richey Florida 34668 his butt muscles made women looking for men to peg feel lookinng I was playing some strange musical instrument for the very first time.

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It was nerve-racking. Was this even going anywhere? Was he feigning enjoyment or really into this?

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He was looking down at me the entire time, very concentrated on what was happening. He nodded me on in encouragement, but also stopped me occasionally when he needed a break.

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It ended up being even more enjoyable than either of us expected. He actually came without me even touching anything except his butt. Afterwards, I sat there with a giant grin, massaging my very tired arm. Once I had some prostate experience, I confidently asked almost every guy I hooked up with if I could finger his women looking for men to peg. This was met with mixed reactions, but I used any rejections as an opportunity to talk about why it was worth considering in the future.

Over the women looking for men to peg year, I fingered at least christian dating ukraine or seven more butts — I was incredibly eager to experience the wide world of prostates, and to pleasure the masses. When people were into it, I didn't really need to encourage them into letting me stimulate them this way.

It seemed as though they had been thinking about it in the back of their heads for a while, just waiting for someone to come along who was also into it. A year later, Massage therapy fair oaks moved to Detroit and met a guy who was just as enthusiastic about butt play as I was, if not.

It felt like all my previous experience had led to this moment — a day when I would don a cock of my very. So I set out to find the perfect harness and dildo.

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Since I was in a new city, I stopped by a shop I had never been to. When I found my way to the dildo section, I inquired about something on the slimmer.

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I went with a dildo called the Mistress and a comfy cloth harness called the Joque. I tried them on immediately, posing myself in my bedroom mirror. I lay down on my side, holding the dildo in one hand like I was jerking it off and sent a selfie to my boyfriend. I could hardly contain my excitement. When my boyfriend came over that night, we spent a few moments just cuddling while I wore my strap-on. Now we both had penises! We played around a bit; I smacked his dick with women looking for men to peg and he gave me a brief blowjob.

Then, as he lay on his back, I lubed up the end of the dildo.

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Right before I took the plunge, we exchanged loving smiles and he said he was ready. I was quite clumsy at.

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The dildo slipped, bent around, and missed his butthole a few times before I could get it into. I had to foor the base with one hand and guide the tip in with the other in order for it to work, but once I was in, I was in.

I only let a couple inches go in at first, but as he relaxed, I was able to go farther. I frantically reapplied lube, and kept asking if he was OK, but he said he loved it.