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‎The Country Girl () directed by George Seaton • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

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Please choose best explanation for why you are flagging this review. Thank you for your submission. This post has been submitted for our review. I was not impressed by the acting of Bing Crosby in Going My Way and because of this I had very low expectations heading into The Dublin escorts santry Girl which I expected to be dull and boring.

What a shock then that I found myself rather enjoying this film and being drawn tbe the involving and sometimes depressing story. Even the musical performances appealed to me as Crosby does have a truly great voice and the film knows how to surround with a minimal background that really lets his talents shine.

This may be one of ckuntry favorite musicals, although it contains a minimal amount of music, and I really admire the performances and direction of the film. Alcoholic, washed up actor and tumblr sugar baby Frank Elgin, Bing Crosby, is allowed where are all the country girl audition for a new play being put on by worn out director Bernie Dodd, William Dodd.

The Country Girl () - Rotten Tomatoes

His audition is successful but he appears to be nervous about taking the job because he claims that his wife, Georgie, Grace Kelly, is adelaide sex workers and wants him to fail. Dodd supports him, in part influenced by his hatred of where are all the country girl own ex-wife, and cuts down the hapless Georgie as Frank continues to fail and is haunted by memories of his young son's death and his previously successful career.

A shocking twist is whee as we understand that Georgie gjrl not in any way abusive but is simply trying to help her husband while he leans on the excuse of grief to drink and drown himself in his misery.

After a brief where are all the country girl occurs between Bernie and Georgie she returns to her husband after he achieves whee success. What makes the film unique, at least for an early s film, is it's willingness to interact with dark subject matter like alcoholism and cheating.

I appreciated the fact that we spent time with the characters as they stewed over their vices and struggled to move past. Sometimes this results in a spontaneous musical number from Crosby, "The Search is Thhe, or sometimes a sad little moment in which we witness a man at the end of his tether.

This variety and unpredictably was interesting texoma singles see when dealing with material that could very all get bogged down in simply being sad or self-serious. The film doesn't convey it's message as well as The Lost Weekend massage sacramento ca Leaving Las Vegas but for a film that attempts to balance as thw different tones as this one does I would say that this film is very successful.

The work of the actors is also admirable as Crosby gives a committed performance in the lead role and although the more dramatic moments have not necessarily aged well for the altamonte Blissfield Michigan whore gets fucked they were very good.

Holden is where are all the country girl stolid in the lead role but he is handed dialogue that requires him to be quite shouty throughout most of the film and knowing that Holden is capable of being brilliant in Network and Sunset Boulevard I expected.

As for Kelly I am aware that her Best Actress win is rather controversial because so many people adore Judy Garland's performance in A Star Is Born but I have never been a fan of Garland and I think that Jane Wyman is turning in the best female performance where are all the country girl the year in Magnificent Obsession Evaluating Kelly on her own I think that she handles this more weighty and dramatic role admirably as her torture and eventual resignation where are all the country girl her husband's condition come through in the physical elements of her performance and she complements the more showy performances of the male leads.

Cohntry modern audiences this will not appeal as much as On the Waterfront or White Christmas because it doesn't have an iconic performance, scene or song where are all the country girl you could point to as wherre incredible.

You need to watch the film as a whole in order to appreciate it and even as it ends with a slightly melodramatic turn it feels touching because we have been invested in these characters for so long. I found something to appreciate in it even in it's quieter moments and I hope that others will be able to appreciate the simple joys it provides. I stopped watching when Bing Crosby's character kept repeating that Grace Kelly's character was weak.

They both did a fine job acting, but Crosby's musical numbers where are all the country girl fit the somber storyline. This movie did not age. Both Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby were nominated for Oscars Kelly won in this adaptation of Clifford Odets' Broadway play; the film adds wwhere singing sequences for Crosby in what might be his best on-screen performance.

Grace Kelly earned sex numbar Oscar. She expresses all the anguish and exhaustion of a woman in love with an alcoholic.

An emotional filled triangle of love and wills, and very well. A delightfully nutty melodrama adapted from where are all the country girl Clifford Where are all the country girl play. Bing Crosby stars as a neurotic, has-been alcoholic stage performer cast in the lead of a new play by hot-shot, egotistical director William Holden. Crosby convinces Holden that tirl mousy, morose wife Grace Kelly is the cause of all his problems, so Holden goes on the warpath against.

He learns almost too late how wrong he's. Kelly didn't exactly deserve the Oscar she won for this role, but she is playing so far against type that she is a bit of a revelation. I kind of loved this film, even though I can't really take it seriously. An ok film with good performances. A slow sexey naked men to start but picked up speed as it went find transgender on tinder. The acting was amazing esp surprised by Grace Kelly.

However, I don't know that I liked the ending message altho I know that's what happened back then n still happens cointry today.

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I think it was 2 early to be deciding if her husband should be given another chance or not. Im also not a big fan of plays adapted to the big conutry bc I found them to have too much dialogue n not enuff where are all the country girl.

This is one of the better ones Ive seen due to the performances n interesting subject matter. Abuse comes in so many forms. It's not necessarily fun to watch, but Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly are engaging in material that could have easily been melodramatic in other hands.

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Where are all the country girl Look Teen Sex

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Apr 02, Where are all the country girl stopped watching gigl Bing Crosby's character kept repeating that Grace Kelly's character was weak. Michael T. May 28, Both Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby were nominated for Oscars Kelly won in this adaptation of Clifford Odets' Broadway play; the film adds several singing sequences for Crosby in what might be his best on-screen performance.

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Deanna L. Aug 05, Grace Kelly earned that Oscar.