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By Murray Bourne08 Jan How many Peters are there, compared to Pauls and Paulas? How many parents named their kid Paige?

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When was Brittney a popular name? The Baby Name Voyager indicates in visual form the changing fate of names since the s. It does so using a clever java applet:.

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The Voyager compares names that were registered in the US. The scale used is "usage per million babies".

It is cool for many reasons:. Why do these graphs look different from what I've seen on other web sites?

The baby name voyager blog in the Baby Name Wizard book and web site show the frequency of use of voyagwr names. If one name stripe is twice as thick as another on the same screen, that lerwick ladies the name was twice as common. You may have seen other graphs based on popularity rank.

Be wary of any information source which does this--it's a fundamental misuse of data, and the graphs just aren't meaningful. For example, the name Joseph has risen from the 13th most popular name 50 years ago to 10 today Posted baby name voyager blog Mathematics category - namd Jan [ Permalink ].

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Use the Baby Name Voyager to compare the rise and fall of baby name popularity. The Name Voyager visualizes a century of baby name trends. since launch, and has been the subject of thousands of blog posts and online conversations. This is the fact—I think first noticed by Laura Wattenberg, of the Baby Name Voyager—that there has been a sharp, relatively recent rise in.

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Given name: From Math Blogs.

It does so baby name voyager blog a clever java applet: It is cool for many reasons: You can see changes in popularity for particular names see "Michael" below The java applet is super efficient, once it loads It is nice how you can play with statistics, reminiscent of Gapminder.

Statistics can be a lot more meaningful when it is presented visually.

Let's have a closer look at Michael: Their database only contains US names so hame. Like all statistics, you need to be careful with interpretation.

From their FAQ: Parting words: From What's hot: Girls Boys 1. Emily Jacob 2. Emma Michael 3.

Madison Joshua 4. Olivia Matthew 5.

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Hannah Ethan Be the first to comment. Related baby name voyager blog New z-Table interactive graph Investigate the meaning of the z-table using this interactive graph Can they be served using Maximum value of a Voager Distribution Can we find the maximum value of the Poisson Distribution using differentiation?

This is the fact—I think first noticed by Laura Wattenberg, of the Baby Name Voyager—that there has been a sharp, relatively recent rise in. The OKCupid statistics blog, by Christian Rudder, is amazing. blog, by Laura Wattenberg (creator of the amazing Name Voyager graphing tool). I find the Baby Name Wizard blog fascinating because, like the OK Cupid Blog. If you are a parent, or soon to be a parent, you may already have discovered the US's Baby Name Voyager. It's a data-visualization classic.

Posted in Mathematics category - 08 Jan [ Permalink ] Tags: Comment Big cick sex. To enter mathyou can can either: Use nname calculator-like input in the following baby name voyager blog surround your math in backticks, or qq on tablet or phone: You can mix both types of math entry in your comment.

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