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Looking for cheap flights to Florida from Canada? You’re just at the right place.

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How to Find Cheap Flights to Florida

Canada is 2316 miles from Florida. On average there are 121 flights from ottawa,canada to Fort Myers,FL,United states. In this article we will teach you how to find cheap flights to Florida from Canada.The flights cost changes consistently depending upon availability,time and day of travel and when you book the flight. However you can always save some money using these tips

Avoid Major International Airports

The best way to find cheap flights to Forida is to to avoid the main International airports like Orlando and Miami. These airports are generally over crowded and big airlines operate scheduled flights to and from them. Consider buying a ticket from smaller airline that fly to smaller nearby airports like Fort Lauderdale and Sanford.

Compare the Prices for Different dates

Moslty flight prices get high when demand of flight booking to florida gets high. This usually happens around weekends. Therefore always book the ticket on working days. Before booking the flight for any set date always compare the prices for different dates At Flightstox  then make the final decision.

Where is Florida?

Florida is a state sited in the south east region of United states of America. The literal meaning of word “florida” is “land of flowers”, as the name suggests it has about 3,000 different types of wildflowers and many other eye catching natural sites like Everglades National Park,Bahiaand Ocala National Forest.

Besides natural beauty famous tourist attractions like World-renowned Walt Disney World, the national Naval Aviation Museum and the Kennedy Space center compel  millions of travelers from around the world to book flights to Florida and enjoy their vacation.


Where to Stay In Florida

The answer to this question depends upon the number of people in you travel group. For few people visiting the state attractions hotel is a better option, but if you have more people to cater for then Florida Villa is the best option as the cost per person reduces to half and level of comfort increases manifold.

One of the most suitable option for most of the people is Airbnb

Ideas for Couples in Florida

Central Florida has variety of beautiful, romantic places for couples to enjoy their holidays. Its is very easy to find private vacation rental or Airbnb close to romantic places in florida.

Besides visiting cool places, If you plan to spend evening at home, you can easily hire a personal chef to prepare a romantic meal for two. Most of these private rentals have indoor swimming pools so it’s perfect for couples who want a little privacy. The local children’s sitting service can come handy too if your vacation includes small children. It will surely spare you some private moments to enjoy



Best Places to Visit in Florida

One of the best places to visit in florida is Orlando. More then 35 million tourists book flights to Florida every year just to visit this magnificent city. The city has 95 theme parks and attractions.

Florida is a beautiful state for its vacation opportunity  and therefore it has much more to offer then just the theme parks. You can see the beautiful botanical gardens at Bok Tower in Lake Wales, visit Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven and spend a relaxing day of golf at Deer Creek Golf Club or southern Dunes Golf Club.Furthermore the amazing weather acts as an icing on top of the cake for golf lovers.

Adventure seeking tourists can get the breathtaking view of the area in a world war 2 plane, view the warm blue skies of Kissimmee in a hot air balloon or hike through the Lake Kissimmee state park.

Bass Fishing In Florida

One of the top vacation idea is to plan bass fishing in Orland, Florida. The state is among the few states that is blesed with many wonderful fishing trip destinations. It is very easy to find Lodging and rental establishments around these destinatios to fulfill the needs of the Bass fishers.


Weather in Florida

As compared to Canadian weather , Florida is warm and sunny throughout the year. The temperatures and weather changes with season,  the most pertinent one is hurricane season which occurs from the start of june till the end of December. Although the weather is mostly pleasant during this time too, But you should be prepared for the worst ruining your vacation.

The weather and season also determines which places people visit the most. During spring breaks people go to party destinations like Daytona Beach and Miami, and during march break  people mostly head towards various tourism destinations like Walt Disney world, national naval aviation museum etc.

Bass Fishing Trip to Florida

Plan one of the most memorable fishing trips of your life to Prlando, Florida. You can hire pofessional guide service or use any of the fishing guides easiluy available in the market.

The best time of the year to plan the trip is spring season , when the big fish are easier to catch in the less deep water spawing areas. why  dnta

The best time of the year to plan the trip is spring season, when the big fish are easier to catch in the less deep water spawning areas.

If you choose to hire a guide he will provide all the fishing gear. However you will need the general items to enjoy the trip which are

  • Food
  • Warm clothing
  • A good resolution camera
  • Rain coat
  • Hats

After you have completed the unforgettable fishing trip to Florida, make sure you share the pictures with family and friends. You have every right to brag about your fishing skills. This will also encourage your friends to  accompany you next time. You can be the leader of the group. Don’t forget to teach them how they can search for cheap flights to Florida using our smart search engine, so they can save some money too.

Coffee Shops For Relaxing in Florida

Many Americans and tourists visit the city to relax and change their routine. Traveler enjoy theme parks and few enjoy shopping while other just want to take a day off and spend some leisure time. As a large number of people look for cheap flights to Florida from canada and make their way to this magnificent state every year. The state sometimes get over crowded and noisy in the peak season. In such condition best places to relax and cut off the noise of world are coffee shops.

The coffee shops have beautifully designed interior which provides comfortable environment for deep conversation. Besides this most of these places have terraces, parasols, tables and chairs for a cool breeze.

I have shortlisted some of the famous coffee shops in the city of Orlando, Florida.

Richards Fine Coffee

First is the Richards Fine Coffee. It is one of the best coffee shops in Winter Haven, Florida. The hot and cold coffee are served with variety of food choice such as bagels, muffins and rolls. The environment is subtle and staff is very friendly.

Storks cafe

Scond one is Stork’s Café. It has one of the best Architectural designs in the town. It is located at Wilton Manors, Florida. This shop offers a variety of food such as soups, sandwiches, salads and snacks etc.

Volcano Coffee Bar

This beautiful café is compact in size but offers great value. It is located in Long Wood, Florida. Their speciality is organic coffee. It comes in two exciting flavors: Guatemala Mayo and Colima valley blend. The staff is very friendly and the place is quite affordable.

Coffee shop restaurant

This is one of the must to try coffee shop in Florida. It is located in Pensacola, Florida. Besides coffee the café is famous for its superb cheese grits and other lavish meals.

Besides for relaxing these coffee shops are also used for business meetings. Most of these have wireless internet access, which allows customers to work while enjoying their coffee.


Unusual Places to Visit in Florida

Everyone knows about the famous attractions in Florida. But only a few know about the less known yet unique places present in Florida. The second most important thing besides knowing how to book cheap flights to Florida is to know about these places. These unusual places will surely leave you with unforgettable memories and interesting stories to tell, when you return back to home.

Some of these places are mentioned below:-


Unbelievably this magnificent castle is made up of discarded printing plates. The setting also features various work of art by sculptor Howard Solomon, as well as intriguing boat in the Moat restaurant.

The castle is easy to access from Orlando as the distance is very less. But you need plenty of time to fully explore its marvels.


If you are looking for something extraordinary and non-traditional. Pay a visit to this beautiful place. It offers travelers to watch live mermaids swimming with the Florida’s wildlife. If you are intrigued by the concept you should visit this place yourself to find out the secret.Furthermore, not very far away from here you can also enjoy fun water activities and enjoy scuba diving at the brand new Buccaneer Bay waterpark.


Another of the unusual places to visit in Florida is the extraordinary doll factory and hospital in Homosassa.The Naber dolls are uniquely carved from wood and finely finished by the artists. You can also purchase these dolls if you want to take home and keep the memory alive.