Cheap Flights to Dublin from UK

Cheap Flights to Dublin

Looking for cheap flights to Dublin? Dublin, well known for it’s history, world famous literature and multiculturalism. Are you planning to go to Dublin? Where it’s a business tour or vacations trip Flightstox got the best flight deals for you. Now you can plan and place all your Dublin tour in just one click.

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Where is Dublin?

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Basically a province of Leinster located on Ireland’s east coast near River Liffey, Dublin is known to be the biggest city of Ireland. It’s an urban city having a population of approximately 1.3Million people. Having an airport just 10KM away from the city, the Celtic shores of this city are just as promising as anything in this world. Having natural places like city parks and Nature spots Dublin is considered to one of the best cities to visit for nature lovers. Places like Phoenix Park, Grand and Royal Canals, Iveagh Gardens and Dublin Mountains make this city stand out.


About the City

A mix atmosphere of both it’s dark shades of history and the vibrant modern era. The streets of Dublin provide an inspiring experience for the visitors, writers and nature lovers. From it’s centuries old Georgian Streets to the Trinity College architecture the city has well contained it’s historical and traditional values. Mixed with the environment of modern era the Dublin city itself provides time travel to the past. Here in this city you can experience the luxuries and the lush expenses of the Phoenix park, see the city’s history in the world known museums, feel the depth and peace of St Stephen’s Green and fill your lungs with the fresh air of the Dublin Mountains that brings you joy and a new life. This city has so much to give to it’s visitors.

Finding Cheap Flights to Dublin from UK

There are 18000 estimated monthly flights from all over United Kingdom (UK) to Dublin. You can go from London (UK) to Dublin from as cheap as 15 pounds.  The flight cost may vary depending upon the time and date of travel. The Dublin Airport is just 10minutes drive away from the capital city, under the supervision of DAA(Dublin Airport Authority)  in Collinstown, Fingal. You’ll be brought to Dublin city from the airport via airport buses and coaching services that depart from the airport every 15-20 minutes. Dublin is a tourist place and a busy city in the summer months and could be hectic to find the best deals in summers but you can pre book and get the best flight deals to Dublin from Flightstox.

Airports in Dublin

The whole Dublin city has just one Airport that is located in Collinstown, Fingal located in the north just 6 miles away from the main city. It’s been managed by the Dublin Airport Authority.You can travel to and from the Dublin Airport to the main city by airport express buses and private coaches.

Hotels in Dublin

Dublin offer some of the great and historic hotels. Before booking a flight to Dublin, you must know exactly where to stay. Dublin city offers some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world. Here is the list of some of the famous and most visited hotels in Dubin. These hotels not only just offer Irish food but they also offer delicious international food along with luxuries like pools, spas, beautiful sceneries, night music and so much more.

  • O’Callaghan Stephen’s Green Hotel
  • O’Callaghan Davenport Hotel
  • Sandymount Hotel
  • Jurys Inn Dublin Parnell Street
  • Clontarf Castle Hotel
  • The Croke Park
  • Dublin Skylon Hotel
  • The Spencer Hotel Dublin IFSC
  • Academy Plaza Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin
  • Jurys Inn Dublin Christchurch
  • The Morgan
  • Hampton Hotel
  • Ariel House
  • Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House

Things to Do in Dublin

There are so many things to do in Dublin. From Day Trips and excursions to sightseeing and biking tours, the historical city of Dublin offers so many things for the visitors. For History lovers they can go to places like Centuries old Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, Monument of Oscar Wilde and Dublin writers Museum.

Dublin also have some amazing historic sites like Kilmainham Gaol, Saint Patricks Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral. Beside that Dublin city is filled with historic Statues and Momuments. The old museums of the city like GAA Museum, Kilmainham Gaol, The Little Museum of Dublin and Glasnevin Cementry Museum have some old gems and art work that the art lovers would just love to see.

Besides the historical sites Dublin city also offers Concerts and Night Shows for the young ones if you want some fun and be entertained then the Abbey Theatre, Gaiety Theatre, 3Arena and Bord Gais Energy Theatre offer some great music and entertainment shows and are the right places for you. On the contrary if you’re a peace and nature lover then the Phoenix park and Dublin Zoo are the places for you.

Need to have a taste of some Irish food, enjoy the wine and nightlife?  The Traditional Irish Pub crawl, Guinness Store house and the Dublin Tradition Irish house party are some of the best party to enjoy dinner, wine and Nightlife in the city.

The Dublin Castle, located in the heart of the city, build in 930s in the Vikings era this castle has played a significant role in the history of this place. This castle has been rebuilt several times but it still offers a beautiful site for the visitors.

The Old Jameson Distillery , In Irish the whiskey if known as the “Water of life” although Jameson Distillery no longer is a production house the whiskey lovers would surely do love this visit.

Grafton Street, fed up of the temples and historical places, if you want to freshen your mind you can walk down the Grafton street. Here you’ll find a lot of people and restaurants while walking down the street. There are also musicians and street performers on the street that surely know how to entertain you in a really cheap price.

Abbey Theatre, Founded in 1904, the theatre has then been renovated quite a few times. Promising as it provides the best quality playwrights in town, this site now offers 638 seats to its visits and is full of music and entertainment.

The Temple Bar, one of the best party pubs and places in the neighborhood Dublin’s Temple Bar provides the best music place for its visitor and is an entertainment hub. Many believe that this place has now become more of a tourist place than a traditional Irish hub.

If you’re having a long stay at Dublin then you must have at least one of these Multiday & Extended Tours. There is 6 Day all Ireland tour from Dublin to visit different Islands and mountains around the city, then there is 4-Day south west Ireland tour from Dublin which offer south west shores to the city.

Best Time to Visit Dublin

Summers are considered to be the best time to visit Dublin because the weather is a bit warm (as we know Ireland is a cold place). Also summer festivals are there to rock and roll the streets. If you’re looking to travel to Dublin in summers you must have some decent cash in your pocket as this is the time when the city is most crowded. The hotels and air-ticket rates are also high and it’ll be difficult to find cheap flights to Dublin at this time. On the other hand if you’re not a party fan and low on budget you can get low rates in the winter but for that don’t forget to bring warm clothes with you as the winters in Ireland are too cold. So the months of June, July and August is considered to be the best time to visit Dublin keeping in mind that the rates and crowds will be too high at this time.

Weather in Dublin

Ireland itself is considered to be one of the coolest places on planet earth. Having a minimum and maximum temperature of 2-7°C in the normal months respectively throughout the year. Even in the hot summer months of June-August the temperature normally ranges from 9-19°C and doesn’t exceed 19 degree Celsius in any case even in the hottest time of the year. It can be concluded that Dublin is a cold place and you better pack your jackets before going there even in the so called warm months of summer.So if you’re considering booking flights to Dublin you better pack your jackets and stuff.