Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Best Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Find the Best Prices for Cheap flights from Los Angeles. Las Vegas, a beta world town, reaches 368 km (229 miles) from Los Angeles and at a driving distance of 435 kilometers (270 miles). It takes approximately 3 hours and 59 minutes to reach Las Vegas from Los Angeles by a car or a cab. While it only takes 1 hour 16 minutes. There are many flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas that fly on daily basis.

Within this guide, Flightstox discuss airfare tickets from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the packages to lessen your worry.

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Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

There are a great number of airlines that offer direct and indirect flights to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, often daily. These airlines include United Airlines, Spirit, Delta Air, Southwest, American Airlines and many other.

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, about 152 flights daily and 246 weekly flights as well, have their routes; such as direct, in addition to direct, on an average calculation. The expense of a flight keeps on changing. It is dependent on also the period of course in which, date, time and also the availability you book your ticket. Locate the best flights from airlines from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

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Since, Las Vegas is Nevada’s heart. So it is the most visited destinations in Nevada. The city is surrounded by the beaches and extend different water sports. Offer some of the wonderful packages on flights from Los Angeles.

Direct Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Non stop flights or direct flights lets you travel between two things. A flight’s path is shorter than of a direct one.

Direct flights to Las Vegas land at McCarran International Airport and depart from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Most direct flights depart around 16:50 PDT. The average flight time from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is between 1:05 to 1:20 hours.

There are 6 airlines that provide the facility of direct flights that traveling from LA to LAV daily. These airlines are United Airlines, Spirit, Delta Airways, American Airlines, Virgin America, and Southwest. One of those, Virgin America has the most flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It provides 43% of those flights between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

United 487, Spirit 562, Delta 5793, American 2613, Virgin America 1474 and many other also operates between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It takes approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes from Los Angeles to cover 368 km’s space.

According to leisure and business markets, these flights are the best and most suitable ones into your market.

Indirect Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Creating stopovers can reduce air fares, therefore flights are a key to a vacation. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, on a flight, it costs you roughly between $79 to $140 in economy class on a single way. But, if you choose an indirect flight and think for a moment, then you spend great and can save a bit more up. But, to save up your money a little, you will need to pay a cost of your own time. Yes, it will be costly in terms of time, but it will not at least hit you in the pocket.

Because you can see yet another place in the same package in addition to saving money, you might even see the stopover in these flights as a wonderful bonus.

When they opt to fly via connecting flights travelers can save 20% to 60%.

American Airlines and Southwest have indirect flight routes. These flight paths are longer than the direct ones but, again, not so awful to coup up with. There flies one stop via Phoenix. There is another one stop link via San Jose.

Other most popular connection for one stop flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is CA – SFO International Airport.

Best Deals on Los Angeles to Las Vegas Flights

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If you will need a International or vacation flight you have to need to buy it even further in advance.

It is also recommended to buy tickets involving one. Because if you reserve your seat before, you’ll have a trip that is priced instead of waiting until last moment. In October, the ticket cost to Las Vegas is the cheapest and in January and February, it’s the greatest.
The very best and simplest way to find deals is to hunt online. And to have all details on a single platform, we discuss the fare resources to locate tickets. Ticket deals are adjusted by each airline on time and different days. Therefore Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the best days to take benefit from the super flight deals.